A dictionary of terms

Aryurumoka—I’m not sure what this stuff is yet, but I know how you get it. Once you become level 60 the game is far from over. It simply becomes more difficult. You still have quests which you can pick up from the Eristars just south of the gates of Greenmont. These quests payout in gold and a a Soul Signet. When you activate the signet it adds a few points to your Aromoroka.

Blue Armor—Blue armor is the best armor a monk can buy short of Purple Armor. It’s foolish to try to quest for it as it can be purchased from a merchant on a back street behind the area where the tavern and auction house can be found in Greenmont. The street is lower than the tavern.

DPS—Stands for Damage Per Second. Usually a high level Ranger with a massive Bow. The job of the DPS is to kill the monster(s) while the Tank draws the monster’s attention. Every once in a while the monsters decide to turn on the DPS who is not as well equipped to defend him or herself as the tank. So keep an eye on the health of your DPS.

Dungeon—A dungeon is a specific subsection of the game. It must be entered and exited. Generally there are specific quests that must be fulfilled by entering a dungeon. An example of a dungeon might be (in order of difficulty) Knahswahs Prison, Erister Tower, Sailen Palace.

ETL—Erister Tower Legend. They want to form a four person, level 60 team and do the Tower dungeon at a higher than normal difficulty level (Legend).

Full Stack—See “Stack.”

Immortals—The deities referenced throughout the game

KPL—Knahswahs Prison Legend. They want to form a four person, level 60 team and do the prison dungeon at a higher than normal difficulty level (Legend).

Legend—The leader of any team, regardless of level, has the ability to set the difficulty level of any specific dungeon to either “Normal” or “Legend” prior to entering it. Unfortunately, only level 60 players can enter a dungeon set at the “Legend” setting. The advantage to “Legend” is the number of monsters encountered are greater, hence there is more treasure to be had and the treasure tends to be of greater worth especially to level 60 players. It is unlikely you will be picked for a legend run unless you have at least blue armor, but i wouldn’t recommend trying it with blue armor unless you have a full 6/6 warrior and ranger on the team who are very understanding when the only source of healing keeps dying and getting them  killed. But if they are truelly great people and very capable and understanding, you can win with blue armor.

LFG—Looking for good (whatever).

Noobs—New people who have just started the game or are new to some part of the game.

Mana—Essentially, the material used to cast spells. Just as your health depletes every time you get hit, your mana depletes every time you cast a spell. Cast too many spells and your mana will be depleted and you will no longer be able to cast any spells until your mana, like your health, recovers over time. You can monitor your mana level by observing the curved BLUE line around your portrait in the upper right hand side of your screen.

PM me—Private Message me. Use the “Whisper” command by clicking on a name in the chat dialog box and choosing “Whisper.”

Pots (potions)—Pots or potions are used during battle. As a Divine Monk you can heal yourself with the “Rapid Heal” spell, so there is no reason to use a potion of healing when at rest. There are other high level spells which re-energize mana later in the game, so mana potions are no longer needed at rest, but you might choose to use a mana potion at rest if you lack the patience for it to regenerate naturally.

Purple Armor—As far as I can tell, the only way to acheive purple armor is to make it via crafting (see crafting). Only by acheiving the highest level of crafting will you be able to make this armor. But without it, you will be useless in any Legend Level Dungeon. I must admit, it is rather disappointing that you must go through all that crafting to get this armor which is so critical for dungeons. Practice your dogmatic faith and you will succeed eventually.

Souls Signant—Souls Signet is essentially a currency which can be redeemed for either the Eristars Temple recipes (reinforced Chest and Shoulder tune gear) or some beastly trinkets. These items are items that Cannot be collected from drops in dungeons.

Spell Book—Spell books generally appear around level six. They are not actually new spells. They are enhancements to existing spells. You started the game with Arrow of Faith, but a new spell book will teach you “Arrow of Faith II.” The books become available based on your actual level. A level six Monk may have Arrow of Faith II available for purchase, but not Arrow of Faith III. Spell books can only be purchased in the Temple in the town of Silence, so make sure you have a teleport key for the town of Silence in your storage trunk at all times and purchase a new one every time you return to Silence, placing it back in the storage trunk for next time.

SPL—Sailen Palace Legend. They want to form a four person, level 60 team and do the Palace dungeon at a higher than normal difficulty level (Legend).

Stack—In your Storage Locker there are slots for various things, let’s say Bronze, or cotton, or perhaps Super Armor Scraps. Unlike a weapon or a vest, you can have more than one piece of Bronze in a single Storage Locker Slot. Usually ten is the maximum amount, but it depends on the material. Once you have Ten or whatever the maximum for that material might be, It will automatically start filling a new “Stack.” Hence the term, a “Full Stack.”

Tank—A Tank is a warrior level 60 with armed to the teeth with the latest armor. He runs around and gets  attacked by high level monsters while DPS (Damage Per Second) players pick off the monsters from a distance. A Tank may well need the services of a healer to stay alive in some dungeons.

WTS—Want to sell (whatever)

———Please suggest other terms and I will add them——


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