You start level two in the bar talking to a drunken sheriff Edgar. I’ m not sure this is the most savory conversation for a divine monk, but evidently you need to go kill some pesky Goblins. So much for charishing life and all that… KILL KILL KILL (LOL).

Man, no wonder the sheriff drinks too much, he’s really short for an officer of the law. Maybe its the whole napoleanic, over compensation, need for power thing. Anyway, accept the quest and go kill the wolves.

But before you do… there is another quest behind the tavern. A little old lady in a seperate house needs your help… this is bit more appropriate work for a monk, she seems so nice.

The wolves are an easy fight, they are wolves after all, they are up in the feilds to the left if your exiting the tavern or the old ladies house… you’ll do fine. Truth is, they don’t fight back. Use your Arrow of Faith spell on them, or just smack’em with your big pummle stick. It’s all good.

Important point… after you kill something, double click its dead carcass. Basically, you get to loot the dead… yikes! That would seem rather unmonk-like, but as long as you remember to give the poor animal last rights and a blessing, I suppose you ought to be compensated.

I just ran into Ray666, a level 40 hanging around in an area he has clearly outgrown. Why… because he thought it would be cool to go back home and help some new players. Good job Ray! Keep that in mind as you proceed through these lower levels.

OK I killed my five wolves… now what? Click on your portrait (your face upper right) and then click on “quests” then you will see two quests (if you opted to help the old lady find a stick). You haven’t completed any quests yet really, because you have to go back to the drunken sherif and get your reward… so click in the empty box to the right of the wolves quest. and close the whole window thingy. Now look at your feet. There is a blue arrow which will show you where to find the sherif (In case you forgot). I know it seems like cheating, but later in the game, when you have 10 to 15 quests, you will understand the need. so follow the arrow back to the sherrif and claim your reward!

And wham… he gives you more work to do… how typical. Now its killing goblins. Important message number two… always accept any and all quests. And keep your eyes open for them at all times. You might notice there is another quest in the room. This happens a lot. Once you have proven your worth by completing one quest, others notice that you can get things done and start asking for you to “do things” for them. So go and accept the rock quest.

But before you do that, go kill some goblins… FACE > QUESTS > GOBLINS QUEST, follow the blue arrow at your feet. Here’s a clue, hang out and kill a bunch of goblins… they have money, the necklaces you need for your quest and they smell bad, take the money and the necklaces until you have five necklaces and all the copper you may want. Once you get bored, check your quest log again and fulfill another quest or turn in your quest for the reward. get the idea?


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