I’m maxing out Divotional Grace. Just makes sense to increase healing power to 10 percent. I know, I know… no big whoop. Patience young monk… all good things in due time and Divine Monks are good things.

Haha… I was standing on a mountain slope when Je$us asked me to duel with him. I declined of course.

This level will see you leaving these lands. You will be heading to Tear Coast soon. The Strangers in the Shadow quest to be precise, so keep that for last. also, u could head back to Silence and buy your first book… might be a good idea as the next lvl will be 14 and u will be a good distance from Silence by then.

Strangers in the Shadow Quest, the back door is unguarded if you don’t feel up to fighting guards, there are two moderately powerful mages insise you must deal with before you get the book sitting on the floor.

Lord Faraunol is all about drawing fire and keeping him alive. You can take these thugs with you rattan staff… save your mana for healing and keep casting Restore on Faraunol whenever he starts talking.

Now Ceaphrail is our kind of meat… a demon from hell looking for a one way return trip ticket. And if you win you get crazy pants that increase spell power… its all good!

Monk Moment: I put on my head phone and stood near a fire on the border of Tear Coast and the Arcadian Forest. The sound was so pleasing, peaceful and serene. It was the only tranquil moment in my otherwise insane existence. Try it, it’s nice.

I’m on the edge of level 13 and not a quest to be had… well it’s off to the coast!

Didn’t have to look very far. Saving Private Nyar quest top of the hill and to your left. Stick to the road until the blue arrow point straight left. and on the way we pick up a quest for Boar and Wolf meat. Nyar’s trapped behind a tree surrounded by wolves and boars so that works well.

oops… out of food and mana pots, back to the forest (its not far). I’m soooo close to leveling!!! And back to the coast.

WHAM—it always surprises me when I make a level without turning in a quest… this time for killing a pig. See you on level 13!


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