Level three finds you heading back to the tavern. I’m starting to think you may have a problem. Turn in your goblin quest. Get another quest from the barmaid.

OK, now is a good time to review the contents of your bag. You probably have two pair of gloves, a lucky cross (maybe), some boots, some bread, a green potion and a blue potion… so what do u do with all these material possessions?

Gloves: click on them in your bag. You will have the option to “equip” them. But which pair should you equip (you can’t wear two pair of gloves, boots, vests, of anything else generally speaking). When you click on an item like gloves it shows an armor rating. The higher the rating, the better the armor. Once u click on equip, the item leaves ur bag and shows up somewhere else… click on “Character” and then “Equipment” and there they are… presumably on your character. I say presumably because u wont see them actually on your hands, but instead they are displayed in the yellow ring around your full body profile in the “Equipment” window. Wearing as much armor as possible is a good idea if u havent already made that connection. Monks get very poor armor so get used to it.

The boots are easier, u only have one pair so equip those. It will seem as though they did not equip. In reality, ur wearinga pair that looks just lie the new pair. so when u chose to “equip” they just swapped places. Click on them to see if the pair in ur bag has an armor class of two or three… u want boot AC class 3 equipped and AC class 2 sitting in ur bag waiting to be sold to a merchant.

We will talk about what the bread and potions do soon… for now, just dont use them. How about that odd item, the wolf’s tooth. Well its just some junk u picked up, nothing special. Like it says, it is something u can sell (for money—copper to be exact). So find a merchant. Merchants are anyone with a green symbol over their heads. It doesn’t matter what the symbol is. u can sell your road trash to any merchant. But here is an IMPORTANT TIP… never buy anything from any vendor except the one with the loaf of bread over their head. The rest of the stuff is overpriced rubbish u can get for free by completing quests.

No one is too sure what the lucky cross does. Just hang onto it.

There are other interesting things u can click on in the little town of Fallen Leaf, feel free to click about but don’t waste too much time here. The world is large and u have many quests to fulfill, at least two or three anyway so quit clicking around and get going!


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