OK add a point to Selfless Muse. IK IK!!!

Back to the coast and pig killing. Nothing quite like the taste of cloven hoofed quadra-ped in the morning—tastes like victory (LOL).

Both the Message for Bellshoal and the Flesh Delivery Quests are for Bellshoal on the coast. I’m always interested in what motivated the names used in our world. The Shoal Bell was in Pokemon Emerald, Bell Shoall is an artificial reef in Mexico.

Ahhh Bellshoall, smell the sea air, hear the silly seagulls and witness the hub of the Tear Coast. It’s a great place to pick up news, supplies and quests. Hand in the message and receive three more quests.

The Blood cloaks are a motley bunch. Old one eye Ruphias is a decent lackey, even if he does wrestle with cats and why does he have two eyes, doesn’t that make him two-eyed ruphias? Maybe he’s blind in one eye. His love of nancy is innocent enough, though she hardly deserves it. And mutant dogs… well I think the Immortals are OK with killing mutant dogs. Yep, I know I’m OK with that…

But master Cruuki is another story. You have a choice. you don’t have to complete all the quests… you might just ask yourself, is this something I really want to do, or is it just a game and therefore OK? I think this is here so we can remember that we have a choice. I’m saying no to torture and dropping this quest. To Hell with that—I’m a monk dammit. Wow, that felt good. This was the first character to make that choice.

Time to beat up old Pamil. C’mon, he needs to change his ways—it’s for his own good… you’ll see. Harlen gets taken down a notch—a welcome blow to his inflated ego. Nicolai doesn’t even need to get roughed up… he knows he’s wrong. Give to Ceasar, what is Ceasar’s. Look how happy Gas Pippy is! He never thought he’d see that money again. By the time you are done with the dog quests you are almost level 14! So leave the Snooks quests for last and do the “Skin Business” quote. Just run there… no point in fighting pirates and lizards for no real reason. Make sure it is “Saltwater Crocs your hunting. Break occasionally to eat some bread so u don’t use up all your pots and cast restore to counter balance the effects of the polluted Croc who will poison you. Mid fight—wham, I’m level 14. It doesn’t count for much—just another point on selfless muse. Waht can I say—low level Divine Monk spells are the reason so many acolytes turn from the true way. Fight on brother (or sister).

There is a whole lot more questing ahead… I’m done recording my experiences for a while. Perhaps it’s your turn… Help me out by adding your experiences to the levels that follow… I’ve left a comment box at the bottom of each level… have at!


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