Level TEN. Wow, that took no time at all!  Another point on Devotional Grace. I know, I know… the better stuff is coming.  BTW, I’m standing in a graveyard doing nothing while my teammates are off killing stuff and I’m getting experience points. Try it sometime. Team up and go eat dinner. It’s not dishonest—if you come back from dinner search out your benefactor and heal them for a while. It’s all good! Turn in the “Whereabouts” quest, you will be heading out of the area soon.

OMG the person you need to talk to about evilence is right in Cliffwatch… how did I miss that!!! Then you bounce around to several other people to discuss Evilence… he really is a bastard. OK, well I know where to find him North of Silence and west of Mesa Camp. Bring a buddy. I usually aproach from the west over the mountains.

Crap… After talking to a bunch of people in Cliffwatch and getting a lot of stuff I can’t use, I have to go to Greenmont—I don’t particularly like the city. See the places of Power page and me on the roof in Greenmont.

But first, head to Mesa Camp to fulfill the Grey Hill Watch Quest. Looks like we are killing more gremlins and one big Rockfist.

A quick check of the bag reveals that I am completely full again and need to sell some stuff. It is now time to reveal the best kept secret of this game—Auctioning. Here’s how you work it. First, click on your face, then Options, then Character List. Now, create a second character. Call he new character something vile like stingy, so you don’t become emotionally attached to it. Select a race and career path u don’t particularly gravitate to. The point is… this guy is disposable. Case in point, the character I am currently leveling for the purpose of this walk-through is called test product. Anyway, Let’s call your new guy “Disposable.” Now walk Dis to Greenmont. all the way to the auction house. It’s about as far fro the entrance to Greenmont as you can get. Across from the auction house on the other side of the fountain you will find a tavern. Outside the Tavern there is a mailbox (looks like a low birdhouse) with a red scroll and a quill pen in a circle. Leave Dissy there. OK good enough for now… go back to Face/Options/Character List

Now, log back into your amazing Divine Monk character and go to Silence and find the tavern… it’s not very far at all. Outside the tavern there is another birdhouse/mailbox… Hmmmm? Now take anything you don’t need for a quest and mail it to “Dissey” as an attachment using the birdhouse mailbox, Why? Because Dis is an extended Storage Locker. His sole purpose is to receive goods from you and store it in his Storage Locker. Eventually, The Dis locker will have “Full Stacks” (See : Stacks ) various things such as Bronze, Poor Fur, Cotten, Grenadine, Armor Scraps. Basically anything that is not “Bound” to your character and that you do not need for an immediate quest—send it to Dis. We will get back to Dis and the Auction House in Level 11.

So unload your unbound items by mailing them to Dis and sell the rest to a merchant… but not the stuff you need for a quest (right?).

OK, as long as you are in Silence, go to the Temple (big building near the lake in Silence). Behind the Temple is an Undead Monk Named Sofield. He sells “Spell Books.” Click on Sofield’s book symbol. Up pops stuff you cannot buy. Why? Because you are either too low level or you have already read that book. So why are you here. Reading books is important and will help you immensely. But you can only get books here—in Silence, from this guy. So you need to know when you will be ready to come back to Silence to buy a book (or you can send Dis if you are really far away). Looking at what is displayed for “Rapid Healing,” I have alreay learned Rapid Healing I and II… I knew that by looking here and/or the Spells section of my Bio page. But it says “Can’t learn Rapid Healing III.” So click on the “i” for info tab in Rapid Healing III and it says you have to be level 14. On the same page is Arrow of Faith III. Info tells us I need to be level 12. So between the two Spell Books, I can either stop back at level 12 to get one book or get both books at level 14. Keep that in the back of your head.

OK I’m somewhere north of Silence and have decided to do the Seized Supplies quest. No Biggie—just remember to use you mana for healing not fighting. You can take these goblins down without Arrow of Faith. Some will drop the supplies you need. OK, you have almost killed all ten goblins. now head up the path that literally goes uphill. To the right of that is some low hills. Climb those hills until you see a tower down below you to the right. Next to the tower is a big Yeti looking thing called Rockfist. Yes, poor Rockfist—I kind of like the guy. But I guess he’s a bad Yeti and must be dealt with. Approach slowly and take all the gremlins around him first. And don’t fall into the abyss to your left. I took out two of the gremlins but the archer behind rockfist is not really approachable—so concentrate on Rockfist… again, use your mana to heal—not to fight. You will run out of mana so be prepared to use a Mana pot mid fight. and make sure your mana is at 100 percent before you attack Rockfist. Just keep healing yourself and you will win. Two quests in the same area, always a plus. To turn in your quest, you can escape to the left if you are careful. And its a very short trip to hand in the quest. The Goblin quest offers you some lovely “Circumvolutory Mittens” that increase spell power by 3—very nice. And of course you get more quests.

I’m turning in the angry Waterby mob quest. The, just down the hill there is another quest in a shack you can pick up. Now I’m doing flowers for Louise. It’s a nice little quest. But it costs a bit, you actually have to buy the wrapping paper. Then go pick some flowers. and turn in the quest. Take the flowers t Louise and she gives you pies and WHAM… I’m level 11 Well turn in the pies and oooooh… Link, that’s harsh. OK now our boy Shawn has lost it and wants us to murder people and steal some necklace! Hop to it! What’s going on here? Oh well, may as well see how this lame lover’s triangle plays out.

Avoid the Waterby folks as best you can. There a blood thirsty lot. Shoot some arrows of Faith at Shephrina and then just smack her about the head and shoulder with your big Whack-a-mole stick.  and repeat three times, “I’m a peace loving monk. I’m a peace loving monk. I’m a peace loving monk.” Then steal the possessions  off her still warm dead body… Yikes! Ok back you go. There is Shawn… babbling to himself at this point. now back to poor Louise (you gotta feel sorry for her in all this… I mean really! Shawn, give it up boy). Oh wait a minute… she was already going out with Shawn and didn’t have the guts to cut off the relationship before starting a new one! I take it back—poor Shawn. And now he’s crying… OMG what a mess… Louise you WHORE!!!! And he doesn’t even keep the necklace. He confesses and gives it back to the rightful owner. Hey how did those Waterby bastards get there hands on it then? The miserable thieves… I don’t feel so bad about killing Shephrina anymore, eye for an eye and all that. and you get a necklace out of it—and not just any necklace. Might want to hang onto that one. Maybe place it in your storage box. Anyhoo, your level 11.


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