Spell: Prayer of Pure Faith

The A-bomb of Divine Monk spells… the spell every monk wants, and every nonmonk expects you to cast constantly. Unfortunately, it takes a very long time to regenerate. And  you quite often are incapable of casting it because you are silenced or being hit by things like MZL’s CORE Earthquake which disrupts all spells.

So cast Pray early before you are silenced. Also, be strategic, I use Pray when my mana is getting low. Cast Pray, then (and make sure you don’t have anyone in your party selected) cast Divine Breath… DB takes a while to work, meanwhile, Pray is protecting your party… well, mostly. The truth is it depends on the strength of your team. If your team is a bunch of newbs, cast restore on all of them, then Pray, then make sure they are all deselected, then cast Divine Breath. It sounds complicated I know, but once you try it, you will see how well it works. One final comment… keep a healing potion ready, often monks forget they too are vulnerable to death, and potions can’t be silenced.

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One thought on “Spell: Prayer of Pure Faith

  1. One more thing, in extreme cases you can cast Pray, then Several Ring of Healing spells. Guaranteed to keep the party alive… and drain all your mana, so be careful.

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