Ring of Healing

Ring of Healing

Ring of Healing

Ring of Healing is often as effective or even more effective than Prayer of Pure Faith. Pray has a limited range… you can see how far the rings of Pray extend and it is not too far. Ring of healing is considerably further and you can cast in succession quickly on an as needed bases.

But Ring of Healing sucks up mana like few other spells, while Pray costs you nothing in mana to cast.

In extreme cases, I have cast Pray first, then several Rings to get the party back up to full  Hit Points (HP).

In MZL, the right boss, I use nothing but Ring and Pray… no individual spells at all. I do this because of targeting… If you are in a situation where you just don’t have time to be selective about who you are healing… heal everyone with ring… just balance this with critically timed Pray and Divine Breath to maintain your mana levels and make sure you have mana pots ready… you will need them.

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