Improved Rapid Healing

Rank 3/3 — Decreases the cast time of Rapid Healing by 0.5 sec. You have to put those low-level spell points somewhere. This is a no-brainer.

Inner Force

Rank 5/5 — Increases your armor by 5 for every point of strength or agility that you have. This doesn’t sound like much, but currently my lvl 49 monk has an agility of 62. Let us say I only had 50 agility. 50 times 5 is an increase of 250 points. However, it also says strength OR agility. I have no idea exactly what that means… whichever is lowest, highest, combined? No idea… butit’s all good!

Improved Bless

3/3 — Increases the effect of your bless spells by 60%. Look Blessing peeps is what being a Divine Monk is all about. I love it when big tanks (well armed and armored fighter types) roll up and mildly request blessings. I never rub it in—I really enjoy it. In fact I commonly bless players at random. It just feels good!

Blessing of Battle

1/1 —Bless a friendly target, increasing their strength and agility by 5 for 30 minutes. Yep, see Improved Bless. Gotta love this simple little spell, it really is the little things in life, am I right?

Will of Zealot

3/3 — Increases your spell power by 5 for every 20 points of healing power you have. I’ve always been a little confused about “spell power” vs. “healing power” and which is better… anyone got anything they can add to help clarify? Anyhoo… my current Healing power of my lvl 49 Dvine Monk is pretty close to 3000 points. 3000 divided by 20 is 150. So 150 times 5 is an increase of 750 “spell power.” Still not sure what “spell power” is, but it just went up by 750—that’s gotta be good… right?

Vitality Stream

3/5 — Reduce the cast time of Restore spell by 60%. Next rank — Reduce the cast time of Restore spell by 80%. Restore is awsome (see Restore). So reducing the cast time seems great… them again, I’m not sure you can stack the effect, and since the spell “restores” your hit points over time, while your busy casting Rapid Healing, You probablymhave to wait for Restore to finsh before you cast again… so is this a meaning ful spell—I’m not sure.


0/5 — Increases your spell critical point by 1 for every 50 points of mana regeneration you have. Yeah, I’m currently gonna pass on this one… I’m not a military monk (not that there is anything wrong with military monks), I just don’t happen to be one. So criticals… doesn’t that mean like critical hit? However, I thought I heard rumors of a “critical heal.” If it exists, I assume a critical heal is just the opposite of a critical hit… If successful, the target is fully recovered in both HP and Mana, but I am only guessing.


0/5 — A critical healing with the Rapid Healing and Divine Light spells restores 1% of your Mana. Well there you go! I knew I heard the term “critical heal” somewhere. But this lame ass spell is only going to offer me 1 % Mana for a “Critical Heal” you gotta be kidding. Divine Breath beats the snot out of this lame spell-pit… don’t waste your spell points.

Selfless Muse

5/5 — Increases your total mana regeneration by 10%.

Ring of Healing

1/1 — Restores 303 to 418 HP to you and any team members within 10 meters.


0/1 — You need to learn Vitality Stream first—When the target receives a Restore spell, all healing effects are increased by 25%. The cooldown time of the Restore spell increases to 30 sec. You know, I’m not sure why I skipped this one. I guess at the level appropriate to make this selection mean something I went a different route. But now at level 49 I’m thinking a 25% increase in healing is pretty significant.


1/1 — Resurrect a dead player with 10% max HP and MP. I know, I know… we all want the opportunity to use this spell. My favorite time to use this is when I have a cocky tank who thinks you’re just along for the ride… I know it’s wrong, but I will intentionally let him die just to “res” them back to life… there is ussually a marked difference in attitude after that. Of course it also has many real advantages, especially in dungeons. Those low level players can die pretty quick. Restore allows them to staya in the game and get the prized they came there for.


1/1 — Restores 60 HP every 3 seconds to a friendly target for 15 seconds. Yep, very handy. Cast it just before you fight something and gain HP while you fight even if you’re fighting solo—nice! now combine that with “other” healing spells and you are not likely gonna die anytime soon.

Prayer of Pure Faith

1/1— Party members within 10 meters take 50% less damage from all attacks or spells, and their HP is restored by 300 every 2 seconds. The effect lasts 10 seconds and you must keep praying to maintain the spell. Bwahaha… the big enchalata, the holy grail of healing, the might God buff. You will hear tanks and rangers tell you to “pray.” This is what they are talking about. I just got it and am so accustom to using “other” spells, I keep forgetting I have this. Consider this spell your game goal.

Martial Prowess

3/3 — Increase the effect time of Fire of Faith spell by 6 seconds. Arrow of Faith spell has additional 20% damage on burning enemies. So let’s think about this… what they are saying is cast Fire of Faith first, it will burn the enemies of your faith for an additional six seconds. Then, while they are burning, cast Arrow of Faith as this will have an additional 20% damage because your target is a burning target. Of course, it takes much longer for fire of faith to regenerate than does Arrow of Faith, but as long as your target is on fire for over six seconds, you should be able to fire off several Aroows of Faith before you have the opportunity to cast Fire of Faith a second time. Your target may well be dead before you get the second chance to cast Fire of Faith.

Interdict of Mind

3/3 — Increases your chance to resist a Sleep condition by 15%. Ya, nothing more annoying than some ranger PVP player doping you up with their poison arrows so you can’t cast anything to defend yourself. Not to mention those silly Tortoises who also cause you to lapse into a coma. If they weren’t so cute I would hate those crazy big turtles.


1/1 — Reforms an enemy through your faith, and forces it to fight against your enemies for 15 seconds. The spell cannot affect players or targets who are of a higher level than you. Sounds good, when I was lower level I thought this was an amazing idea. But time and again I abandoned this spell. Just too many enemies it won’t work on. And let’s face it, we are always fighting higher level targets. Its useful for killing wolf packs at lower levels and for clearing unwanted fights at higher levels… but it’s not the game changer it might have been.

Improved Rapid Healing

Rank 3/3 — Decreases the cast time of Rapid Healing by 0.5 sec. doesn’t sound like much, but it makes enough of a difference that you can actually notice the speed of Rapid Healing’s regeneration with the naked eye. A half second is longer than you think.

Gift of Life

0/3 — Increases the effect time of Influence by 5 seconds. Yeah, I didn’t go down this road as I decided Influence wasn’t all that great.

Fire of Faith

1/1 — Deals 170 to 213 holy damage. Also causes a burning condition on the target and deals an additional 180 fire damage in 6 seconds.

Divine Breath

1/1 — A holy power flows to you or your ally, restoring 50% of the target’s max Mana in 5 seconds.

Devout Mind

3/3 — Your Rapid Healing spell will have 100% chance to decrease the cast time of your next Divine Light spell by 50%; your Divine Light spell will have 100% chance to decrease the Mana cost of your next Rapid Healing spell by 30%

Devotional Grace

1/5 — Increases your total Healing Power by 2%
Next rank—Increases your total Healing Power by 4%


4/5 — Increases your healing effect by 24%
Next rank—Increases your healing effect by 30%

Beneficent Virtue

0/3 — Reduces the cost of Ring of Healing spell by 5%



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