I thought I had made it. I was level 60 at last. A level 60 Divine Monk. I proclaimed my victory. Standing at the gates of Salen, with full intent I yelled… “Attention maggots, I’m a level 60 Divine Monk… who wants a ride!”
But everyone around me seemed not to notice. I still couldn’t get on a team… WTF! So I lowered my expectations and went to Kiwanis Prison. I got on a team fast and just as quickly, my team was dead…
So I made excuses and we tried again… dead and abandoned. OMG!!! I was so taken off guard emotionally by this. I lost it, I mean LOST IT!!! I had convinced a freind of mine (Destroyer), to be on my team. I reacted so poorly to my massive failure that we parted as freinds. I dropped her from my freinds list… I mean I LOST IT!!!
What a jerk I was. I had no idea how to do Legend dungeons. Hell, I had no idea how to do dungeons. I had spent all my time doing quests. What did I know about dungeons.
Then it hit me. One of the soon to be dead teamates had said something. In his best Orcish, He said, “your armor does not heal us.” I thought he was nuts. He wasn’t


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