Oh yeah, by now u are probably wearing a skirt. Get used to that, it’s what Monks wear. If ur a guy, Sorry, That’s life in the Monestry. Don’t get too hung up on it, mages wear them too. Players are so accustomed to it that no one even kids u about it.

If you make enough money selling stuff, then choose to expand your bag so u can carry more stuff. Did u do the wolf quest… I tried it and died for the first time! Dying is no big deal at this level. You just reappear someplace new. Go to your quest log and click a check mark on a quest… it will point you in a meaningful direction.

OK, level six and you are still carrying around that level six spellbook for Arrow of Faith, I hope you didn’t sell it! Go to your Bag. Find the book and use it. It will increase the effectiveness of your Arrow of Faith spell.

Your getting good at what u do. Today I helped a ranger named Path. She didn’t even know I helped her. It’s not always about getting the credit. Your a Divine Monk. Don’t hesitate to toss a Bless or Rapid Heal spell at random. At the very least it will increase your Karma and good things will come back to you.

After you recover the “lost records” it’s off to the town of “Silence.” Prepare yourself. Silence is like the big city compared to Fallen Leaf. You will see all manner of players there. Stay on your toes.

Once you cross that stone bridge it is likely the last time you will see Fallen Leaf. So bid the town fair winds and gentle rains, but beware, there is a wolf waiting for you on the other side of that stone bridge, be prepared!

On the way to Silence you pick up two more quests thanks to a couple of stahlward backwoodsmen standing by the road. One quest is to kill a bear… time to find a teammate again.

Once you complete your quests, by one route or another, u find yourself in Silence. Don’t get distracted. Stay the course. You need to turn in a quest… but your bag may be too full to accept anything more. Find the tavern (of course… you drunken sot). Its up on a hilltop in the town of Silence. Just to the right of the tavern is a storage box. click on the red icon above the storage box… huh, what a surprise, storage! But this is a magical storage box. In most towns u will find a storage box and your stuff will always be there, even if u put it in the box in another town (there was one in Fallen Leaf as well). Place anything you don’t need or don’t wish to sell in the box and then turn in your quest.

Now, check your portrait, click on “spells” and then “Talents” You should have another talent point. I know you are a Divine Monk, but at this stage in the game we need to protect ourselves and our team mates. So click on Military Monk again and choose “Blessing of Battle.” Blessing of Battle is like Blessing of Vitality, You cast it before you go into battle. Fighters will come up to you and request “Buffs,” these two spells are what they are referring to. Don’t hesitate—share the love. Of course you can cast these spells on yourself as well. A single cast lasts 30 minutes!

Blessing of Battle

There is too much to say about this town. You will visit it many times. So let’s just stick to the basics. IMPORTANT TIP: Monks can only wear cloth (including Military monks). Do NOT accept an offer to learn any crafts accept cloth, NO LEATHER, NO ARMOR, cloth is it for you… this becomes very important later in the game, so please be careful when making this choice. Gameloft allows you to choose these crafts, but monks do not wear any leather or armor so you can never make better armor for your self if you choose anything other than cloth. And there are NO take-backs. I’ve seen many a high level monk deleted because of this fatal mistake.

OK… run around Silence and collect all the quests, and there are a bunch of them. Then sit back, open your portrait, click on Quests and start reading.

First Quest—Ancient Divine Implements.

Head towards the big blue glowy thing (its a teleport). No your not going to teleport… your going to jump in the water and swim toward a chest at the bottom of the lake. Ya… you can swim underwater. Follow your blue arrow and you will find the chest. You have to get real low to double click on it—I usually choose to sit near it to get low enough. Oh yeah… you can sit! and a bunch of other things as well.

To sit:

Click on the chat text at the bottom of your screen. The chat dialog box expands. To the right of the chat dialog box (and just slightly above it) you will see an arrow pointing left next to an icon which seems to be bowing. Click on the left arrow. All manner of interesting things make themselves known to you. Scroll  left and you will find the following options in no particular order: bow (a very polite gesture), eat, laugh, point yonder, shout out loud, nod, shake your head no, scream (icon that looks like a baby’s head), want to talk, look like your busy working, blow a kiss in the air, wave to everyone (good when jumping from roof top to roof top), burst into tears, applaud (clap, good when someone else is jumping from roof to roof—everyone likes to be appreciated), exhibit strength (really dumb on a monk), dance (you gotta try this one), cheer, on your knees and beg, … Anyway, I just did it and I didn’t need to sit, I just got so low half my body was sunk in the mud and it worked.

With the quest completed, you get food. And your almost level seven already!

If you haven’t already, do the “Victory Messenger” quest. On the way, talk to Sakensai, pick up the quest and keep moving toward the VM quest. You are now level seven.


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