Lucky Seven!

You got a skill point so let’s start building those Divine monk skills. Add one point to Devotional Grace.

Yeah nothing too earth shaking there, but your prowess as a Healer is growing with every skill point, bit by bit. Don’t forget to drag new spells into your quick access slidey sidebar (not the instant access at the bottom, the quick access on the side). When you cast Buffs like Blessings they will show up near your portrait.

Now look in your bag. You should have a black cloak if you haven’t already equipped it. So what are you waiting for—equip it!

Remember, you can always compare what is in your bag to what you are currently wearing by clicking the magnifying glass. In this case the black cloak is better than the blue cloak because it has the same armor class, but gives you +3 Stamina. When you equip it it says it will “BIND” to your character. That means you can only sell it to a merchant (remember the girl with the bread over her head). You will NOT be able to give this to any other player and you can’t auction it (yeah there is an auction—more on that later). Now do the following quests in this order:

1) Lord Glen

2) Monk Trainer (yeah, that’s a she)

3) Boar Fang Necklace. Don’t forget to cast Buffs on yourself first—and it is Dire Boar, not White Bristle Boar—Dire Boars are dark gray with red stripes. Watch your mana (the blue stripe near your portrait… if it gets too low your out of magic.

4) Keep Order—Don’t forget your Oak Staff actually does more damage than Arrow of Faith (at this point) so cast Arrow of Faith then swing at him, Arrow of Faith, Swing… don’t forget to occasionally heal yourself. You can also stay in one place and just wait for the Goblins to regenerate… they are pretty quick about it. You also pick up Grenadines for the Apprentice quest by killing Goblin Raiders. In fact, by the time I collected all the Goblin Armbands, I also had all the Grenadines I needed.Pretty easy quest if you take your time and you’ll get a bunch of stuff to sell.

5) Traveler’s luggage—locate the luggage first, then carefully pick off the guards until it is unattended and grab it. Not as easy as it sounds. Run for the hills if you are clearly loosing. They will only chase you to the top of the hill. I have to admit, I cheated. I waited until somebody else killed everyone. Then I waited for the luggage to regenerate, which happened before all the dead people came back to life. I was gone before that happened.

OK, better head back to Silence. Your bag is getting full and if it gets too full you will not be able to complete your remaining quests. Just put a check on any completed quest and your blue arrow will lead you back to Silence.

MAKE SURE U DON’T SELL ANY QUEST ITEMS! I’ve done that—It sucks.

After turning in the Boar Fang quest you get to keep a necklace which you can wear. So equip that. The traveler’s luggage quest is on the second floor of the tavern but on the way there you pick up another quest! Turning in the Keeping Order quest gets you some cash and a new quest.

Unfortunately, you are probably just short of level eight. You could do the Apprentice quest… but intentionally doing this quest is REALLY BORING. So instead, let’s try Spear for Wine.

On the way there keep your eye out for minerals growing out of the earth… If nothing else, you can sell these minerals. However, you need “Bronze” to complete the Apprentice quest—so watch for it.

IMPORTANT TIP: if you are running along the road, and a gold arrow with a gold band around it shows up at the bottom center of your screen, click on it with your right hand while you continue to run… it’s an autorun device—like cruise control. It allows you to just run. You steer with your right hand (lower right hand corner). To stop just tap the lower left corner of your screen.

6 & 7) Back to Spear for Wine quest. Here is a good place to use “Influence” as you will likely get double teamed. Influence one to run away and fight the other. Fight, rest, fight, rest… try not to use up all your potions and food. Make sure your Buffs are cast. Keep your health above 50% at all times—remember, you can always fight with your Oak Staff, but you can’t heal yourself if you use up all your Mana on Arrow of Faith. Avoid as many fights as you can, don’t worry you will get it in plenty of fights. If you get sited by an Archer run at him. They don’t like to fight hand-to-hand. You eventually arrive at the Castle. Castles are always heavily guarded, so expect a fight to get in. If you can find a team mate—work your majix on him.

Me? I luck out again. The gate guards are dead and in I go! Head to the right. you will see the book you need on the floor—double click it. just past that are oak barrels of the spear wine you need—dang, I been seen. The guards in this castle are tough, but you can win as long as you remember to fight one at a time (Influence the other). I got the wine and DANG IT! the gate guards have regenerated. Don’t stop to ask directions—RUN!!! Out the door and immediately to your left are some slopping hills. Run up these hills to safety. Phfeww… Two quests with one raid—not bad. You get the wine and “Glen’s Diary.”

There is a lot of Bronze in this area so mine as much as you come across.

8) Why go home just to come back to the same spot and fight Jidufha in the castle. Time to team up. and what is this lurking in the corner? A low level Ranger who probably killed those guards but never made it into the castle—perfect… and he’s wounded. I “Rapid Heal” him, add some Buffs, then send an invitation to join my team, like taking candy from a baby. Before you know it ranger-boy is killing guards with glee while I heal his wounds. But wait! in runs an idiot tank thinking he can take out the entire castle on his own (and he just might). While Ranger-boy is shooting arrows and Tank-head is attacking anything that moves, I head right to the target Jidufha at the far end of the room and cast Arrow of Faith on Jidufha—keep your eyes on the prize monks—you may not get a second chance. Jidufha is almost dead when Tankhead leaps into the fray and kills him… but I attacked Jidufha before anyone else. So it doesn’t matter who kills him—I get the credit for the kill. The Tank is not even on my team… sorry Tank. maybe next time.

And Hey! I’m level eight!


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