OMG I have deleted my ranger so I can restart this game for the third time… This time I will record my experience for your benefit. That’s right… I’m doing this for you—hope you enjoy! If this is your first character—read on, otherwise goto the next stage.

Well WOW, level one, staring at some unknown guy with a gold coin thingy over his head… But I digress, This really starts with the creation of my character, whose name is “Test Product” BTW. The character isn’t the issue, I’m sure the character you created is awesome, but the server you created your character on is an issue. For reasons you don’t need to understand right now, you need all your characters on the same server. So there’s my first important comment… make a note of it.

The “Statue of the Eternal” at Fallen Leaf

Now take a moment to look around… no need to move anywhere yet… just look around. You should remember the first place you see in this world. So look at the people staring back at you, the waterfalls, the distant town… this is your birthplace. This is Fallen Leaf.

Pay attention to the other players around you. They may be first-timers (affectionately referred to as “noobs”) as well. There’s nothing better than a friend you made on day one. Especially when you reach level 60. But remember, many of the players at level one will not make it to level ten. So jot down some names, but remain emotionally cautious and be careful, some level one players are actually experienced players like myself, restarting with a new character and not all of them are nice. Trust no one!

So here come all the pop-up commands… “do this”, “toggle that”, “this is a quest symbol”… these pop-up intro commands are valuable to you right now, so pay attention, but you will probably figure the basic commands out as you go along.

OK, if u haven’t already, click on the gold scroll over the head of the “Guru” in front of you and do as he says, best not to argue with a Guru. Woohoo! 50 copper pieces… dont spend it all in one place. Note that completing these little tasks, called “Quests” is what will advance you through the game, so keep your eye out for more gold scrolls above NPC’s heads.

Oh there’s one now, right next to the other guy… yeah this is pretty easy stuff… BTW notice the blue arrow at your feet. It points to what you need to complete your quest. That little blue arrow is your bestest buddy and will help you throughout the entire game.

Your next quest is to go smack the dummy to your right (follow the blue arrow) and double click the dummy (the dummy has a yellow ring at the base of it). Then, in the lower right hand corner of your screen (I’m using an iPad) double click the funny icons inside of the circles. Any combination will work as long as you remember to double click your target (In this case, the dummy) first. These circle things at the bottom right are your “spells.” Spells are awesome and your little yellow circle with an Arrow in it (Arrow of Faith) is actually pretty useful throughout the game.

OK back you go to complete your second quest and receive two items… a Mana Potion and a Spell Book, both excellent gifts for a level one monk. Important tip number two… only use the mana potion when u are fighting something u really need to kill. Mana is like fuel for spells… run out of Mana and you can’t cast spells. Mana levels are represented by the curved blue line around your players face in the upper right. The green curved line is your health… run out of health and you die (sort of). Don’t worry… if you die at this point in the game. It will hardly impact anything.

The spell book is another matter… find your spellbook and use it right away. Spell books permanently increase the power of your spells. To use your spellbook, click on your face, choose “bag” and you will see your spellbook. click on the book and click “use.” Unfortunately, this spellbook requires you to be level six… don’t worry, you’ll be level six very soon.

Well anyway, your next quest heads you towards the bar… what a place to start a young monk in! Fortunately, you only need to meet someone outside the bar. After you find your target outside the bar and click his quest icon you receive more copper and some experience points (XP). now, look at the yellow curved line below your portrait upper left, see how it is almost filled the empty area? When it fills that area, you will make a level.

Right, so here I go into the bar looking for sheriff Edgar. Fortunately, monks generally like to drink, so a bar is really a pretty natural enviroment for a monk. After meeting sheriff Edgar your yellow curvey line maxes out and you are now level Two!!!



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