Add your spell point to Devotional Grace and don’t get too upset. The good spells are coming, I promise.

Oddly enough I still need Grenadines. You never know where you might find that?

BTW I looked up Grenadine in wikipedia and got:
Grenadine is a weave characterized by its light, open, gauze-like feel. Originally produced in Italy and worn as a black silk lace in France in the 1700s, it is now woven with silk in ties—IDK, just thought I’d share.

Anyhoo… turn in your Crime Scene quest. This is a fun one but you might want to team up. Or not! I did it alone but I may be a bit more experienced than you. Anyway, you have to follow a girl who will disguise you to look like someone else. Then she gets attacked alot and you have to keep her alive. Eventually you get to a wagon with goblins all about the place. Three Goblins will jump her. Weaken the first Goblin but keep an eye on her—two Goblins will kill her pretty quick. Keep her alive and she will kill the goblins. Then search the dead and get a Sigal. Once you have that she gets a quest symbol over her head. Turn in your sigal and get a smooth rattan staff—equip the staff. After a short while you will return to your original face. If you also have a Dusty Squire’s Robe—equip that as well.

The Garucy quest—IT’S MY FAVORITE QUEST EVER! Don’t fight the Goblins or the crocs… just run past them. Your going to see your old buddy Garucy. Garucy is a an old war-torn Orc. He lives in partial seclusion in a swamp except for his best-buddy Sarude. If you look around as you approach his camp you realize he’s not so bad off and can still take care of himself. “A greeting to you, Elf.” says Garucy. Next is a dialog that you as a Divine Monk really need to read. I too am an orc at heart, for friendship means more to me than just how many meaningless Facebook friends I have and Garucy “gets that.” The shield Garucy is offering is worthless to you, but you need not tell him that. Just accept the quest and feel a bit nobler for doing so.

Now go see Sarude so you can sell the remaining junk in your Bag and get that bar back up and running (really, again with the drinking—we need to talk.) Remember to keep the bronze and poor furs for the Apprentice quest. You might want to purchase one more “Light Heals” potion and maybe a mana potion from Sarude. Fortunately Garucy also has a Storage Trunk. So check the storage trunk to see how many pots you have already before you buy more. Also, you may be carrying too much food. try to limit your food to a single slot in your Bag. Keep the rest in your Storage Trunk.

Getting back the Bar!
There is a bridge in the back of Garucy’s swamp acre. You need to cross it, but before you do prepare for battle. Cast your Buffs once you are firmly on the bridge. Normally I would pick off the guards one at a time by baiting them with my Arrow of Faith Spell. But today there is a warrior type killing bad guys at the other side—so I just slide by. But I’m here to kill these “Sharp Dagger Bandits and get that bar back! so go up the little knoll and pick your fights via Arrow of Faith with surgical accuracy. They are dying pretty easy and hey—grenadine! You will kill the 10 bandits pretty quick, but fight on and receive more money and more Grenadine!

When your done go back and tell Garucy. You are now Garucy’s friend and he’s so proud to give you a shield you can’t use. Don’t be a schmuk and sell it to Sarude—that’s just rude! Sell it somewhere else and tell him it was lost saving your life in a great epic battle. I know, he’s just a NPC—but I like this guy! and you know the drinks are always on the house at Sarude’s bar (maybe I shouldn’t have told you that).

Time to kill Saltyfish. With a name like Saltyfish… anyway, he should die. My God we are a violent group of Monastics. Ah well, The Eternals will be the judge.

I like to swim whenever possible… it just seems more direct and there is nothing in the water except me so there are less distractions. Salty Dog is not so hard to kill—but his body guards are murder! and he just keeps calling for more. I died—but not before killing Salty. Here’s the catch, you have to retrieve his head! If you run fast enough from the cemetary (just run past the body guards) you will get to where Salty died and retrieve the head before he fades out and regenerates or the guards catch up to you. Now run like the coward you are over the hill and into the safety of the pond. Lame, yes, but effective.

I was really hoping for more grenadine—but like I said—you just never know about Grenadine. So go turn in your quest—Silence is just around the corner. The sheriff offers you some worthless pants, some cash and 500 XP. Dig that crazy dancing girl by the fireplace. Somebody needs to cut that girl off.

Just helped a guy from Portugal—how cool is that! I have an App called Translate… I love this app. I can type in whatever I want to say and click Portugeuse, copy, double click back to O&C and paste—wham I speak Portugeuse! Love it.

OK, go to CliffWatch and pick up a quest then head to the windmill farm and pick up three more. Welcome to the wolf hunt… these are pretty tough wolves so team up and things will go much easier. BLAM ten dead wolves and I’m lvl 10.


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