60 d for dungeon… KPL

So Death Eater has onceagain offered to train me. How awesome is that! This time KPL. First off, if u are careful, u can walk around just about every fight. We did this so we could get right to the main fight which is the executioner. U will have to fight the gang and the last. Anyway, here is the duty of a monk in KPL:

First, cast bless on your tank just as he (or she) is going into fight. then follow them in and start casting ring of healing.

Throughout this entire fight the Ex will “spin” three times. This is when he does the most damage.
As soon as he starts to spin the FIRST time—cast Pray. Then continue with ring of healing once or twice…


When he spins the second time your paultry cloth robes will NOT save you. You need to get out of there. Run to the edge of the perimeter wall to the right of the Ex’s lair.

Now spot heal the tank. There will be no time for fancy healing here, use Rapid Heal multiple times as it will cast and replenishthe fastest.

As soon as he is done spinning get back in there and cast Ring of Healing. BUT CHECK YOUR OWN HEALTH FIRST AND YOUR MANA. You will likely be running out of mana or you may already be out of mana. Make sure you are full health, then I recommend using a mana pot. Breath spell IS cheaper for you, but it takes longer to work and right now u aint got that luxury. Spend the pot and keep ur freinds alive.

By now your Prayer spell has regenerated… yeah! So when he starts to spin for the last time, cast Prayer. He’s almost dead now… anything can happen.

watch for all other players. They have a tendency to throw themselves atthe Ex like sharks smelling blood. Keep your Ring of Healing cranked up, but be ready to switch focus to that over zealous mage or ranger—and at all times—keep your eye on your own health. This is the point where you will run out of mana (again). Hopefully, you will have just enough to stay alive.


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