60-b I’m level 60 and I can kill level 5 Goblins!

Since I’m starting at day one I need grenadine. The best place for that is the forest north of Silence which is full of grenadine-clad goblins. So after acheiving level 60 and shelling out fifteen real bucks for amazing armor, I can now kill tiny blue level five goblins. Wow, I’m so amazing…
Talk about a lesson in humility… visions of Galadrial being tested by the One ring. It’s good to return to center. I’ve got my feet back under me. I am a monk, not a God. I hope Destroyer will talk to me again someday. It won’t be any time soon.
Crafting is actually kind of fun after my multiple disappointments and failures. At least I’m a god to Goblins… I know, lame. But honestly it is fun to go back to familiar places and fight old foes who used to womp me time and again… and this time I have time to look around and experience the area and watch level nines fight the Goblin’s big pet. It was fun to help out and be appreciated after my critical debut as a newly arrived level 60.


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