60-a and I can’t quest.

So dungeons suck… how about this Arumoki-dokie crap… I heard that was important. And jumping to the chase, you have to so “quests” to get that. heres the insulton top of the injury, you have to do quests in “legend” dungeons… OMG, really. seriously?
Screw this, if my Armor doesn’t “heal people” then I’ll just Buy it — right?
So off I go to Greenmont to buy me some cred.
Wham, I got the best suite they sell, the “blue” variety. I’m soooo awesome!!!
Back to KPL… annnndddddd my team is dead. Again.
What am I doing wrong?
So I strike up a conversation with Maximillion a guildy. Hey Max, what’s wrong with my gear? Turns out I need purple gear. And the only way to get that is by Crafting. Really… crafting… crafting? I have zero crafting points NS… zero!


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