So what of the Immortals? Who are these beneficent Gods and what can we know of them? There are a few things we can know clearly. They are immortal—they can never die. THis does not say that they are Gods or live in the clouds, only that they will live forever. But living forever can mean many things. Some say the culture of Rome is immortal as it’s influence can be felt even to this day. It’s architecture, Art, culture, military order and governmental structure are all still largely in place. Are not the Romans therefore “Immortalized” through the enduring impact of their influence on the many other cultures they have come in contact with. I chose the Romans, but I could have just as easily mentioned, Attila the Hun, Hitler or Ghandi. So being “Immortalized” does not mean you will live forever or that you are a good person.
What else do we think we know about these Immortals? Well, we must know that there are/were more than one of them. They are the Immortals, not the Immortal. And yet, is there not the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and are they not reportedly all “God” in the singular. Does not the God Shiva have faces on all sides? Was not the Greek God Poseidon and the Roman God Neptune the God of the same sea, but when referencing them, would we not say the Gods, Neptune and Poseidon did this or that making it seem as though there were two Gods, but in fact it was one God with multiple references? So we cannot be certain that the Immortals are multiple Gods.

Three headed God Shiva

But the Immortals give us our monk’s powers so they must be good—right? But is it not the same Gods that give Military Monks their destructive inner-force? So we cannot know for certain that the Immortals were good or powers of great destruction.
Well we can know that the Immortals wielded great power. This power is still handed down through the faith to us. It is seen on the mountain tops of the Whispering Isles in the form of Sky-Writing. So whatever they Immortals are—their power still exists to this day and can be wielded through the monks of our order.
Though we cannot prove one way or the other that the Immortals were either good or bad, we can know they had the capacity to be both Healers and Powers of Great Destruction as can be seen in us as Divine and Military Monks and in the Sky-writings, as all forms of creation are inevitably an act of destruction. Was not the view from the mountain tops beautiful before the Sky-writing was made?
But if they wielded both destructive and healing powers—did that not require some sense of balance as both powers still exist it can be said that neither side vanquished the other. So here is a secret revealed—the Immortals, whatever they were or are understood the need for balance in the world.
And as we have free will to choose Divine or Military and as such regardless of our initial choice can we not still choose to use our powers for good or evil. As this has not been a yoke placed upon our necks like animals of burden to be lead about by the will of our God(s), then can it not be assumed that free-will was also something valued by the Immortals?
What do you think? Who were the Immortals in your words?


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