One thought on “guilds

  1. The Bother Hood: I am currently in the brotherhood at lvl 47. I’ve only met three or four members. They seem very nice. Hawk-Eye, a ranger, and two other monks. The two monks had to go to sleep at 3:30 p.m. EST in the U.S. so I’m guessing they are from some distant part of the world as they alluded to it being close to midnight. Seems to have a healthy number of members. I’ll write more later.

    B a n a n a s: This is a very talkative guild. The guild leader is pleasantly gay—not intrusively gay. The guild has a good sense of humor and like to joke a lot. They have set-up a funny little household structure where members become distant cousins, uncles, etc. It’s a fun idea. Xylvina is one of their most active members and she’s a lot of fun. I was a member for a short time and I know Xylvina was disapointed when I left… sry Xy. I was floating around a lot back then.

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