Places of Power


The Rooftops of Greenmont. The rooftops of Greenmont are some of my favorite places of power. High above the dredglings and auction houses the air is clean, the view is uplifting and the sky is blue. Everytime I go there I find someplace new to explore.


The Waterfalls northeast of Greenmont in the PVP area between Greenmont and the Swamp of Wyrms. There are all sorts of odd things in this area. But seated beneath the falls with a rainbow of water as an umbrella is an odd experience. I thank King Kobra for showing this area to me.


The Sky Writing on the roof of the mountains above the Whispering Islands. Oddly, few people seem to know about this amazing location. A faithful Acolyte made me aware of this fascinating place. There is also a spire a bit north of the Sky Writing that you can carefully walk out on.


The Spire north of the Sky Writing… watch your step!


In the mountains above Greenmont again… near the shadow town. Its a female smiley face! I love stuff like this… why was it put here? It was put here so we could find it… Who creates mountain scapes most people will never see? Someone who is not most people. What do they hope to accomplish? They hope to reach out to others like them. People like you and I who enjoy the remote accesses of the Eternals. I discovered this easter egg in early August 2012. I think I was the first to find it… has anyone seen it earlier than me?


This was far weirder than this images would reveal. It wasn’t just a weird square block of green. It was a three dimesional block with walls of water. I was able to walk through the wall of water and be underwater, then swim back through the wall to here. You could see fish swimming by like an aquarium. Sadly, this was a while ago and I can’t remember where this was.

The top of the southern ridgeline in the rift. At first I thought I was totally glitched—but no, this place is really there. Not too many people know about it because there is no real reason to go there except to see it.

OK this was a real weird experience… I swam as far west as I could then chose Help >;; Break Away and I wound up here. Its a bizarre little glitch world with this guy “Owen.” Oddly, Owen doesn’t do anything… I mean somebody went to the effort of placing Owen here. So I’m guessing its some sort of tribute. Type “Order and Chaos, Owen” into your browser and you will see what I mean.

I wasn’t the only one in this bizarre Western glitchland (which had a name—unfortunately I forgot to write it down… Forbidden Lands?) Look at the cute little Cactus Girl… she’s sooo cute!

But this was the best part of Glitchland—the Tree of Life from the Tolkien Trilogy—or from the Avatar movie? How cool is this—me and Max hanging out at the Tree of Life. I have no idea how Max found me here.


One thought on “Places of Power

  1. God I love glitches… I know it sounds sappy, but glitches are a very transcendent experience for me. Its like I’ve suddenly realized I live in a snow globe and I’ve found the escape hatch. Or its an insight into the very parameters of the game designer’s mind… I know of one place where there is an enormous smiley face engraved into the grass on a remote mountainscape… why did the designer do that?! Because they wanted someone to find it… why did they want me to find this… because they knew that not just anybody would go looking… they did this for me. The designer and I share an affinity for the remote, the unlikely, the odd chance. But just like the designer, I now want to share that easter egg with you… hmmm now how do you share your glitched places of power with me? Well at the very least, you can send screen shots and a description to: and I will post them


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