Its amazing how quickly u leveled up to level four. The basic idea of this game is starting to gel in your mind… get a quest, follow the blue arrow, rinse and repeat. accumulate both useful and useless items, wear whatever u can, sell the rest, except potions, food and books.

Ooooh… when you turn in the twig to the old lady you get a shirt! I know, I know, but you never get another one… I sold mine and that was that… no more shirt! KEEP THE SHIRT!!!

Boulderwood and Goblin Miners (Fixing the Wall quest). The boulders are those sparkley blue things… stuff you need will have sparkles coming off of it. Happens a lot in quests and “other things.” Anyway, remember that by casting your Arrow of Faith spell ur doing damage before whatever u are about to fight can get to you. This is a good time to talk about regeneration. You don’t have to fight ALL the Goblins. Find an unguarded rock and double click on it. Chances are… some goblin will catch sight of you amd attack. Fight him and wait for the rock u already mined to “regenerate.” Why go to the rock when the rock will faithfully return to you. If only freinds were as dependable as rocks.

You might want to head back to Fallen Leaf and sell some stuff. Your bag is getting full.

When You trade in your “rocks” quest you have the chance to get a vest. before you accept the vest, click on the magnifying glass to see how this vest compares to the one you are currently wearing. It will help you decide what equipment to choose.

Don’t forget to open your bag and click on your new vest and choose “equip.” Otherwise your just carrying around laundry.

On your way to find “Feild” the great goblin conspirator, you might notice a woman near the watermill. She has a quest. Off you go to retreive it.

Then go find the scout… he will send you back to the tavern to meet a prophet, which is a good idea because she wants you to find “Feild.” So that means, if you kill Feild you will fulfill two quests at the same time! Gotta plan your quests, work smarter, not harder.


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