One thought on “42

  1. Did the coolest thing today… needed help and the only player available was from Latino Power who clearly did not speak english, “No hablo Inglés.” I have an iPad2 and the app “Google Translate,” so a quick double click to reveal my apps, click on Google translate, type, “Can you help me with a quest, I am a healer and will help you as well.” and I get “¿Me pueden ayudar con la búsqueda, yo soy un curandero y le ayudará también.” Another copy (in google translate) and paste (into my chat box) to which he responds with an obligatory, “ok.” we continued to converse in this manner for almost an hour and it wasn’t at all difficult.

    The truth is that most cultures, especially in Europe, are taught multiple languages. However, being American, and therefore isolated from the rest of the world moreso than most countries, we have less immediate need for global communication skills. But with the shift toward a global economy this has already changed and although the U.S. still does not put enough emphasis on linguistics (the study of languages) the need for multi-linguistic people is sharply rising. I see this as a positive force propelling isolated countries like the U.S. into joining the rest ofnthe world’s global chat box… though it is too late for some of us to learn modern Chinese, we at least have Google Translate!

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