3 thoughts on “47

  1. OK.. so I’m still in the desert… I want to be in the Rift, but I tried that a few levels ago and nothing was available to me, probably because of having not done ETN. But with ETN in the bag I’m prob GTG, but its sooo easy to stay in the desert and grind. I should venture forth either now or next level to see if quests have opened up in the Rift for me yet.

  2. I just did the, “No more Bullying” quest… loved it! 11500 XP for walking from one side of town to the other. That’s what I mean about the desert and this level… you win fast, so you rack up XP quickly. Although the Rift does offer quests with higher XP…. still need to check that out.

  3. OK… so I went to the Rift… big mistake. only a single quest available to me. Guess lvl 47 is still too low for the rift with or without a few dungeons completed. Sux, back to the desert I guess… its gonna be a long time getting to lvl 50.

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