2 thoughts on “48

  1. well i’m lvl 48 and still stuck in the desert… found some cool freinds to help which makes the poor experience points more tolerable, Tyler, Niv, Hawkeye… been helping hawk quite a bit. There are very few quests here right now for me, but Hawk is enjoying the heal boost as he is a ranger. I’ve joined “the Brotherhood” lots of monks i assume. Added my skillpoint to “Charity” giving me 4 out of five and a 25 percent boost to healing… also one level/skillpoint away from gaining “Prayer of Pure Faith” can’t wait to get that spell.

  2. Well lvl 47 started out lame… killing stuff for xp cause i had no quests… so I latched onto a lower level (the follow command is great for this) and just followed around Passively with an occasional heal boost so as not to annoy. My hostbtraveled around a lot in the desert and that allowed me to visit a lot of places and occasionally pick up a quest here or there… unexpectedly, I filled my quest log, detached from my symbiant host and attacked the nine quests solos… inside of an hour I cruised from half way to lvl 49 to half way to lvl 50, WooHoo!

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