You’ve graduated to the big leagues. You have earned ur first skill point. Skill points are awesome! Just having a choice is cool. you could choose anything of course, but this is a Divine Monk website. I can only guide you to the one path… the path of the Healer.

Anyway, about that skillpoint… choose “Influence” later u may think Influence is kind of lame. but for now, Influence is really pretty useful. basically, if you cast it on an attacking wolf it will become ur pal and start fighting other wolves… how cool is that?

You and I will also need to kill “Feild” a nuisance goblin. I have discovered that u can sneak up on him to the left of where he camps to avoid a lot of meaningless fights that weaken you before u fight Feild. Once you get to the grassy area behind Feild, kill the guy to Feild’s left so he can’t help Feild after you attack… but u will still probably die. Feild is pretty tough and monks just aren’t killing machines, nor should they be. You have a greater power… social networking! More on that shortly…

Lets talk about your stuff and your spells—first your stuff. You have a lot of stuff and you will pick up even more, You need to know where to store it. There is a little arrow to the right of your screen, click it and your “sidebar” opens from right to left. You can put stuff in here, but not just any stuff… This is quick access for stuff u need fast—but not instantly. You can also put spells you don’t need in battle here.

Drag the following items from your Bag to slots in your sidebar, from top to bottom:

  • potions (blue and/or green in the top slots,
  • food such as bread next,
  • then a spell called Blessings of Vitality. Cant find it? open the face thingy, click spells, there are three tiny rectangular illustrations in descending order, i think one is a fist… click on the fist… these are military monk spells.

Now about those spells. Open your portrait in the upper left corner of your screen and select spells. If u haven’t already, drag:

  • Arrow of Faith” to one of the “instant access” circles (lower right corner of ur screen).
  • Drag “Rapid Healing” to another circle in the same area
  • and do the same for “Influence”…

these are spells u will need in battle; Hence, the need for “instant access.”

Military monks are all about the fighting. They are great, but thats not what we are doing here… none-the-less, u will need a few military monk spells as you proceed. you have already been given the “Blessings of Vitality” spell, so drag it to the sidebar. Oddly, this is not a spell you use in battle, so u dont need “instant” access. what this spell does is make anyone u cast it on, including yourself, live longer. You cast it before u go into battle. So, sidebar for quick access, not circle thingy because “instant” access is not required.

Now you are ready for action… you can cast “Blessings of Vitality” on yourself or a freind. You can use “Rapid Heal” on yourself or a freind… hey, your a good freind to have around, although not everyone at this level knows that yet, they will all discover it soon enough. Use the gifts of the Eternals to Heal and Bless your freinds and they will help u kill Feild. But before that can work, you need to learn about “teams”.

If people just kill your enemies for you, then you will not get the credit and thus will be unable to fulfill your quest. But, if the same players are on your team and kill one of your quest targets like “Feild,” or if u are on their team when they kill Feild, either way, u get credit for killing Feild! IMPORTANT TIP: Always invite people to join a team, or accept when others ask you to join their team. A divine monks true power comes from harnessing the power of other players. Your job as a divine monk is to keep your team members alive long enough so they can kill Feild for you… and if u get the chance, you can throw a few punches yourself.

How to ask people to join a team…
Click on any live player (no NPCs) once. and a bunch of stuff will appear at the top of your screen. Click on an icon showing the silhouette of two people and a plus sign. If you don’t see this icon, then look for a plus sign and click on that. that should open up more options and the icon of the two people and a plus should appear. click on the two people and a plus sign icon and u have just invited that person to join your team.

Good Luck!
(keep questing and sellling stuff)

Oh, one more thing, for the History Buff quest, always remember that none of your enemies can swim. So don’t fight ur way in… just run through the gate and swim to your left out of range of the archer. Then, after u have recovered, swim close enough to take out the archer with your Arrow of Faith spell. Then swim left and climb the hill. Your intended target is a very tall man in a red coat. You can kill him by taking out all his men one by one, leaving him undefended.


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