FACE > SPELLS > TALENTS > Restore. You can only add one point to it so it may as well be now. You cast restore like other buff spells, just before going into battle.  We’ll add some to Selfless Muse next time. Don’t forget to add Restore to your quick access slidey drawer. If you want you can add it to your instant access. You actually have three more slots you can fill in “instant access.” just put your finger on the lowest circle and pull it toward the other circles. See, three more slots appear. Your call.

OK, you know how to quest. You’re level 11. you should have the following quests: Scar Face Porulic, The Farmer and the Bears, the Apprentice, Postal, Royal Scholar, Bandit Harassment. The bears are the closest. Keep your eye out for bronze to send to Dis. You’re in the big leagues now so I’m going to stop telling you how to quest… but if I have a hot tip on a particular quest, I’ll enter it.

Avoid the “Final Challenge” quest until you are lvl 12 or have a solid team… it can’t be done solo. I tried everything. Hot Tip: There are two parallel fences in between the wolves and the bears. Cast Arrow of on the King wolf then run to bear side of the fence nearest the bears. The King’s wolf minions will not help him there… but you will still die without a partner.

BTW that evil little house just west of Mesa Camp is a great place to mine for Bronze.
I also found a weed floating in mid-air there.

If you pick up a quest that sends you to Greenmont try heading to the auction house and auctioning your bronze—or e-mail it to Dis and have him/her do it. I always ask for one gold for everything. If it comes back without a bid I drop it to 50 silver. If it comes back again (like cotton often does) I’ll drop it to 5 silver in the hopes that competitive bidding will drive up the costs. If that don’t work, just sell it to a merchant and be done with it.

Ya… that was all pretty much it. I did a bunch of quests. The Stone Hand Quests and the  Waterby quests are a LOT easier with a buddy. Huh… kind of a whimpy level really.


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