Level eight and I just checked my skill points and it seems I have two points sitting there. We need to start building up skill points on the Divine Monk side. I’m thinking put it all on Devotional Grace. Can’t hurt to increase healing power—right? And since its a percentage point, that has to be better than a tenth of a second off the time it takes to cast Rapid Heal (see Improved Rapid Heal as your only other option).

So you made a level but not much has changed really. But hey, what’s this in your bag… a book of Rapid Heal 2 (level 8 required). You got this book as a reward from a previous quest. Use this book to increase your healing ability further. Now you may actually see a difference.

You’re still needing a bit of Bronze and a lot of Poor Fur (see wolves, pigs, maybe bears) for the Apprentice quest so you could go hunting for that. You also have some quests to turn in. Let’s turn in the quests and along the way kill some innocent animals that never hurt anyone—well the pigs seem fairly peaceful anyway. But oooh the thought of bacon in morning… yummy. Here piggy PIG PIG.

But along the way, head toward the small eyeball shaped lake just north of the castle and west of Silence. There are some crocodiles there with a ring that needs recovering… here’s the trick. Throw a single Arrow of Faith at them and then just play Whack-a-Croc with your big Oak Stick. If you use too much magic to kill the Crocs the ring will never appear. Got it!

Still need Bronze and Poor Fur…Well what do you know—Crocs drop Poor Fur! That just don’t seem right. But hey, Poor Fur is hard to find, so I’m gonna kill a few more of Crocs. Huh… they stopped dropping anything. Moving on.. and back to Silence. My Bag is too full anyway. In fact check your Bag now and see what else you ought to be wearing—sell your old clothes in Silence.

After turning in a few quests you get to turn in Glen’s Diary. Choose the Strength Scroll. Your a monk. Your going to need it. By the time you have turned in all your quests you are almost level to level nine.

Pick up the Garuci quest and head toward yet another castle. This is the “All About Connections” quest. Relax, it’s a friendly castle with lots of tiny quests. Walk past the guards and into the castle. Blah, blah blah and you get a new quest to talk to the guy on the left. He seems to like you and wants you to talk to someone else.. man nobility loves to talk, but ask one to take out the trash… not so much.

Don’t forget Bronze and Poor Fur. There are some Gray Bristle Boars milling about. Wham… just killing Boars and I’m level nine. That was fast!



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