AGL is rough… the key is having a pro team. One newb and the healer doesnt stand a chance.

Stand far left and look at Boss atan angle so you can see the entire arena.  Many peeps will tell you to stand on the wall… don’t. You need to move. You don’t have the armor of the tank, or the HP of the DPS archer. You need to be able torun away. You can’t do thaton a balance beam. One step into the red Origin Pit and you are soooo dead. Sostayoff the wall.

Keep an eye on the following… the mage’s health (cast Bless), the cones of death (run), red circles on the ground (RUN), and blue domes of lightening that tend to kill everyone (Pray). Also, watch for the PING when your health is almost gone (use a healing pot). And keep an eye on your health and mana levels.

Initially, cast Bless on everyone (especially yourself). once it starts, cast ring because there’s too much going on to concentrate on who needs what. Initially there will be some general damage wrought by origin (the Boss). This is easily dealt with using ring as everyone already has Bless ramping up your Ring spell… then the fun starts.

Watch for a red ring at your feet… that means anyone near the red ring is about to get there ass handed to them. You see a red ring RUN… and I dont mean a little ways.

You will find yourself running around a lot… this is normal… stay calm… breath… while u are trying to stay alive, ur freinds aredying…you want to cast pray… don’t. cast bless on the mage then Ring. Use a pot on yourself… ur no good to them dead.

Blue Dome of lightening… if ur casting Ring when the blue dome hits ur in trouble… this is simply timing, and doing this dungeon overand over until you know the dome hits sooner than u expect it too… Blue dome needs Pray… use Pray only when the dome appears and you will survive… then pot… to keep yourself alive. Then cast Bless on everyone while Pray is doing its job. Then check ur mana levels and adjust accordingly.

Yeah it is too much to keep track of, but so was every other dungeon before this… yet here you are… you can do this… it just takes a little initial humiliation… nothing your not used to by now.


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