I was sooo convinced that I sucked at being a div monk I had almost given up trying to do dungeons… especially legend dungeons. I determined to do something about that. First, as I had read that this can help, I did KPN solo to see if I could and WOW, yes I could! next, I helped some low levels through KPN. That was both fun, satisfying and educational. But legend dungeons were still an issue.

Then I met Deatheater. His team had previously dropped me because I was level 60 with blue armor. Yeah, I did suck. But Deatheater was cool with that. He understood and unlike all the other reindeer, I was allowed to play in all his reindeer games despite my shiney nose.

He showed me the ropes. Get right in there (I shyed away from that as I thought I was too lame to get anywhere near the actual fight). use Ring of Healing until it looks desparate then use prayer of pure faith… also, cast bless on the tank so the ring of healing is actually supplemented by the bless spell… WOW, it actually worked. We managed to squeek our way through Salen prison and yes we did all die a few times. But it was mainly because of loss of mana, corrected by buying better potions, and an issue i was havng with dropped connections, corrected by moving closer to my modem. Death Eater was a real pro unlike the noob axeholes that kept dropping me from their teams because “I” sucked. This guy could almost do legend solo. But it was clear I was a critical help once I knew what to do. I reconfigured my quick access tabs so rapid heal, ring of heal and prayer was all immediately available. On the flip set of three I chose bless, divine breath and whatever that bigger version of rapid heals is. worked great and the money was a nice perk.

My honor restored, it was back to humble crafting for a bit.


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