buying vs. boring

So now I’m farming cotton in the upper swamp and my brain is dying of boredom. And it occurs to me… hey, I could just buy cotton at the auction house if I were rich!

So I send a global shout out asking where I might best farm gold. An old buddy suggests south eastern rift area. There’s a penal colony down there with monsters who drop great stuff and descent silver.

Now, rather than fighting reallllly boring stuff, I’m on a team fighting lvl 50 monsters and making good money. I’m over 100 gold in no time. back to Greenmont and hey! all the cotton is really expensive.

Another shout out reveals the true nature of the auction house.

I speak to an auction wizard who shall remain nameless. He spends all day buying commodities like cotton at 3 gold and reposting at 5 gold. In this way he controls the price of cotton and reaps the profits. So I give it a try with matted gold ore. yike! no one wants to buy my matted gold ore… and I bought a bunch of it in an attempt to control the price… turns out it is best to select something a bit more rare. Matted gold is pretty available in the rift. and even then, if you scroll through all available matted gold in the auction house! there is a LOT of matted gold for sale. I didn’t have the silver to control all of this commodity. My brilliant buddy has over 2,000 in gold and plenty of time to devote to controlling the market… I do not.

eventually, after dropping my price, my gold ore sells and I recoup my losses.


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