Why Did You Choose Divine Monk in Order and Chaos?

A fish asks another fish, “What is the sea?”
To the fish, the only answer is the one the fish chooses for itself. 

No delusions… I also have a military monk and enjoy cathartic online violence. But unbidden, another side of Order and Chaos has emerged—the Divine Monk. It is not “Order” to what would be “Chaos.” It is something far more transcendent, even spiritual. I have met players who enjoy places of power (Castaneda), social interaction (Kant), selflessness (Carthusian) helping others (Ghandi), and the joy of discovery (glitches). This weird cultural shift has led me to begin researching actual religions. I’ve started reading the Book of the Samurai, as well as the Seven Taoist Masters.

It is my hope that by asking, “Why have you chosen Divine Monk?” we can flesh-out this choice, and add depth to our story, or perhaps to create a deeper back-story. But before we can learn what it means to be a divine monk in Order and Chaos as a group, we must first hear what it means to be a divine monk to the individual—to you.

Are you religious, or is the lack of religion—in whatever form you choose to imagine it—the very reason you seek it. Does none of this ring true—is the Divine Monk a tool in a game or was the choice more personal? Perhaps it is something you “wish” to be—but the world has other plans for you.

This may be the start of something greater than any game.


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